For the ninth time, we are inviting young people to take part in the competition, the topic of which this time encourages us to look at the tree as a metaphor about our roots and dreams.

Think and do some research – where do my roots go? What do I identify with? What's inside me? Wander through stories and generations, use your imagination in places where nothing is known. Reach the primordial source and imagine that you are rooted in it. What does it mean to you? What gives you strength and power to grow?

Look at the branches leading up to the crown, can you dream? What is your tree buzzing about? Do you feel free? Can each of your branches grow in a different direction, or is it dependent on something? Let your imagination flow into this development.


9th International Art Competition Powidoki 2024

The poster created by: 
Edmund Krajewski

The best works will be displayed at an exhibition at the Youth Cultural Center No. 2 as well as during the Comic Book Festival organized by NOVA.
Comics and Newspapers Reading Room - University Library in Poznań.

Information about the VERNISSAGE (off-line and online) and the POST-COMPETITION EXHIBITION will be posted on the website: at the end of February.

We are extending our zine- contest till 29.02.2024

STATUTE 9th National Art Competition Powidoki / Afterimages 2024 “Who am I when I look at the tree?”

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Honorary patronage:
The International Society for Education Through Art InSea - Poland